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How to love consciously

I stumbled upon this post and wanted to share this to you guys.

Show Appreciation

A simple “thank you” in response to a trivial or ordinary item can make a significant difference. It only takes a few short moments to utter these two words, but the impact can be felt for a very long time.

Showing gratitude is also the best strategy for ensuring the things you are most grateful for continue to happen. When we stop and tell our partners what we are grateful for, we are also telling the Universe. By making the effort, the conscious decision, to express our thanks we are in a better position of receiving more of it in the future.

If you want your partner to be grateful, it starts by you showing gratitude, first.

Be Happy, Not Right

Here’s a question for you, “Would you rather be right, or happy?” Too often our pride and egos can keep us from enjoying intimate relationships. We stew over what we think are injustices, but are perhaps only misunderstandings.

We carry grudges and do not show enough grace, passion or forgiveness to the person we care most about. Our need to be right can overshadow our need to receive, and give, love.

Take a look at what your pride is costing you. If intimacy is strained and the relationship is off track you may want to reconsider the value of your anger or self righteousness. Here’s the thing: You may be right in the argument although you partner thinks otherwise, but you will never be wrong when you put your partner first. Happiness always feels better than vindication.

Read the whole post here.

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So you want to freelance?

Okay, so you guys want to do jobs while staying at the comfort of your very own home. Well then, you can try out this Odesk. This is a freelancing site that caters to many fields. If you are a programmer, a writer, an encoder or a SEO optimizer then you can definitely earn well in this website. It is not a scam site as you will need to spend time in making your portfolio and an impressive resume/profile. There are also Odesk made test that will assess your proficiency in different aspects so that your employers would know if you are just pretending to be good even before employment.

The great thing about Odesk is that it is very secure. If you are an employer, you can monitor your freelancer well as Odesk has a program that checks the screen of your freelancer so that you can see what he/she is doing.

As a freelancer, your payment and employment preferences are very secure because there is an interview and a job offer before taking up assignments. You can talk to your employer via Odesk's messenger and program and you are sure to get your payments as Odesk holds the empolyer's money for you even before you start working. You also have an option on how you would like to recieve payments.

So if you want to earn, go to their website. Any other questions can be answered in their forum or you can ask me here. Post a comment or post something on my shoutbox!

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Funny Series

Check this site out!

>>Yugioh the Abridged series<<

If you watched the original anime, you'll surelyROFL! And even if you don't this show is funnier than the real thing. Absolutely hilarious. I'd rather watch this than the real anime. The guys are funny as hell.

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November 2008 Nursing Board Results

39,455 Passed the November 2008 Nursing Board Examinations by the Professional Regulation Commission. That’s 44.51% out of 88,649 examinees that took the November 2008 Nursing Board have passed, the Professional Regulatory Commission has announced.

Congratulations to the Board passers!! Here's the link to the results:

Click here or

Copy and paste this to your address bar: http://inquirer.cdnetworks.us/inquirer/examresults/NURSE/20090220/

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If you haven't watched the latest episode yet, slow down and think before reading further. This post contains spoilers.

This episode was very entertaining and there were so many scenes that made the plot more intriguing. We can see that as the disease of thirteen worsens, her relationship with Foreman becomes complicated. Will they stick together? Personally, I find thirteen to be too pretty for Foreman. Foreman is too much associated with House that's why it's a little hard to see him in a relationship. But this episode proved that there was more to him than just brains, he has shown that he is able to love and do stupid things for thirteen.

Dr. Cuddy on the other hand, is trying to balance her work and her baby. She is also trying to find ways to keep house in check. At the end of the episode, it turns out well for both Cuddy and House.

Meanwhile, Taub is having issues with his wife, as he wants to have a baby while his wife doesn't want kids. He learns something valuable from the patient, and this was my favorite scene in this episode, the conversation goes something like this:

Taub: I just want it so that someday, when I'm on my Deathbed, I look back and tell myself that I've done something worth in this world before I die.

Diana (patient): That's only one day of your life. Is it worth it to sacrifice happiness your whole life just for that 1 day on your Deathbed?

This is a common mistake made by people today, we tend to forget our happiness and become suckered on accomplishing something. Don't forget to take care of yourself. Don't waste your whole life trying to reach your goals to the point that you are become miserable in the end. Enjoy life! Live, Laugh and Learn.

You can watch/stream the latest episode here

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PLDT Customer Service Rep owned by Caller

Listen to the call recording


I don't know how you would feel after hearing this. I have mixed feelings for the girl. Pity and some empathy on the girl's side. But this is definitely a DONT when working in a call center. Hope you guys(call center peepz) learn from this. Jeez, how did she become an agent if she doesn't have an ounce of tolerance for irate callers.

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Taken from squidoo:

"What is a so called PTC site?

Ok, first of all some words about PTC sites in general. A PTC site is an online service where you get Paid To Click. On such a site different advertisements will be shown, which you, the PTC site member, have to click and watch for some seconds. After the time frame is over, usually around 10 to 30 seconds, you get paid. Not much, only some cents for each ad, but it adds up the more ads you click, especially on a daily basis.

As a standard member on NeoBux you will earn at least $0.01 per ad ($0.015 for extended view), the same goes for having a golden mebership, except you'll earn $0.02 for an extended ad view. Compared to other PTC's, this is a common amount of money that is paid for viewing a single ad. You can also earn from members you have referred to this site. For each referrals ad click, you'll get $0.005. If you have the golden membership, you will earn $0.01 plus 10% of all the purchases made by your refs. Especially those 10% can bring you a decent amount of money. Please notice that you have to click at least 4 ads per day (9 ads as a golden member) in order to receive the full amount of clicks all your referrals do each day!

NeoBux pays its members via Alertpay and Paypal. Normally, payments are handled instantly, although the TOS of NeoBux states a 48 hour maximum time frame from requesting cashouts to receiving your money. Compare this to Bux.to for example, where you have to wait 60 business days as a standard member! I've personally tested the NeoBux payment system and it worked like a charm. I received my payments within seconds after requesting the money!"

Register here

Well I tried it and it works for me. Thought it was a scam and I was proved wrong. Just started out slow but eventually my earnings accumulated. This is for those people who are bored and want some extra cash! Just 4 to 5 clicks a day, takes like 3 minutes and you're done! If you want to be my referral register here! If not, you can go to their website at http://www.nexbux.com and start earning.

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Twitter Survey!

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Sakristan: Father, may libangan din ba ang mga Pari?
Pari: Oo, naman, pag dating ng hapon, kaming mga pari dito sa bayan ay naglalaro ng Mahjong.
Sakristan: Bakit po naman Mahjong pa ang napili niyong laro?
Pari: Kasi, dito lang kami nakakasalat ng flower, Iho!

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